Sunday, March 30, 2014

Quilt Making at the Maker Faire- Where's the Science?

Yesterday the UNCC Writing Project held a Maker Faire.  My make was story quilt blocks.  We had tons of fabric  from my mother and mother-in-law and the kids had a grand time writing 6 word memoirs and then making quilt blocks to represent them.  There was tons of cutting of fabric and fabric glue involved.  So what I'm wondering is where is the science in this make?  

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  1. Let's see.... I'm thinking right off about the textures of materials, descriptions and experiences of touch and structural workings of the textiles. Then the thinking about how things get combined together through glue and sewing, etc... Robert Corbin told us about a book called, The Gecko's Foot that explores stickiness of stuff in nature! Also there is a little blurb in the Tapigami section of The Art of Tinkering that examines the various stickiness and structures of tape. #namethatscience