Monday, July 9, 2012

SI July 9

The discussion that came out of Steve and I's Peer Writing Group Demo really has me thinking hard about what Demos do. On one hand, both Steve and I were showing some "stuff" from our classrooms that "work" for us in terms of Peer Writing Groups. On the other hand, we were working to think with the group about on-line and face to face groups- and how all that might work. It's a strange sort if balance. So often as teachers when we are in "presentation" mode, we feel like we are performing and need to have all of the answers. Having inquiry as a part of this, where we were genuinely asking the group to think with us felt a little bit disconcerting at first - even though I've done it many times before. However, I am walking away from the demo with some real important thinking about things like access and the need for some face to face time as well as screen time. To me, that's the beauty of Demos. Not only do we get tons of cool ideas, but we get extensions on those ideas. So I'm ending the day in the same place I began it, thinking about Steve's Where Ideas Come From video and the importance of "creating a space where ideas can mingle."

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  1. I'm starting to think of the demo as a "think with me" type of interaction. The "presenter" has a focus and ideas of what to have the group do during the demo, but the thoughts that come out of that are more organic and less within the presenter's control. It's moments like these that I think I'm really learning. Not only did you and Steve give me access to new thoughts about new ideas, you gave me space to think, process, talk, write and hear from others. The INSPIRATION that can come out of that is truly magical. If only I can be as willing to engage in this way with my students. Maybe then, I will see more magic happening!